Adsense Tricks and Tips to make more money

Most of the webmasters use adsense into their websites . I have found the following tricks to increase adsense

1) Sites that focus on providing quality content tend not to do as well in Adsense as the content tends to draw attention away from the ads. In other words, the better you do at drawing repeat visitors, the worse you’ll find your Adsense eCPM and numbers in general.

2) Google as a general rule tends to provide better ads over time, as it is a “learning system” of sorts. You
may notice a lot of underperforming and garbage ads at first, but as Google learns what users will (or won’t)
click on, it will adjust accordingly and provide better ads (which leads to higher revenue for its publishers).

3) Remove the word “blog” where and when possible. A lot of the crappier ads show up on sites that appear to be blogs…for about a month, I kept finding ads for Helium on just about every post, so I removed the word
where and when I could and the crappy ads disappeared.

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