Six Tips To Boost Your Website’s Traffic

If you already have a decent site up and running but you are not getting any traffic, the first thing you can try is to rank in the SERPs. Start off with some keyword research, find a decently searched keyword with moderate competition and optimize your site for that particular keyword.
After you are finished with the on-page optimization, try your hands on some link building. Increase the number of inbound links to your website, submit to authoritative directories, write some articles on your field of expertise and submit them to popular article directories, get active on popular forums in your niche, leave out useful comments on related popular blogs, exchange a few links with trusted sites related to your niche and see if you can rank within the top 10 for your targeted keyword.
NOTE: Ranking in the SERPs takes time, it can be 3-6 or even 12 months, depending on the level of competition and the aggressiveness of your link building campaign, so be patient.


It is possible that you get some traffic, but you are stuck without any growth due to low amount of traffic. If that is the case, start a blog and start writing. Don’t be afraid to spill out a few secrets, let your visitors know the level of expertise you have in your niche. Try to hold your current traffic by blogging about what your users require, this will help them bring more traffic to your site by referring you to their friends and family.
Post about something your users would want to read, ask yourself a few questions like “What answers could I be looking for as a visitor”, and try to answer them in your blog post. Keep your style of writing professional, to the point, yet enjoyable to read.


Register your company profile on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These sites are now seen more as a brand management tool than anything else. Due to the authority of these sites, you have a good chance of ranking for your company name with your profile on these sites. You can also use your keywords here to have a better chance of ranking in the SERPs with these profiles.
Provide a direct link on your homepage to your social profiles so that your visitors can follow you there. Engage your visitors, let them know about you, your company, upcoming products, events, news and changes in your niche.Promote your blog posts on your social media profiles. Communicating via social media gets you a great opportunity in converting your visitors into real-time customers.


Guest blogging is gaining in popularity and with platforms like MyBlogGuest people are getting a direct exposure with blogs interested in guest posting. More and more blogs have now started accepting guest posts. Guest blogging can give you the exposure you need, your level of expertise and knowledge gets exposed to a broader range of traffic. Guest blogging can turn out to be decisive factor for your blog in terms of traffic and links.
Try to find out blogs within your niche that accept guest posts, write an informative post for them in return for a link to your website. This way, you not only get traffic but also free inbound links. The real plus point of this is that if your posts gets published on popular blogs people treat you as an authority in your area of expertise.


Give out something for free, it can be anything from a free coupon, product, service or advice. Just don’t be afraid of giving things out for free occasionally, because this will bring more people to your site, everyone loves the idea of something being free so it will result in more and more amount of traffic. The people you give out to free will refer you to their friends and family. You can ask them to write a review on their site about your products or services; they will be happy to help.
NOTE: You do get traffic from giving out things for free but its upto you to hold on to this traffic.


All of the mentioned above can take you some time to get traffic, but if you are looking for traffic instantly sign up with popular Pay Per Click programswith popular search engines like Google for Google AdWords, Yahoo Sitematch or even with Facebook. It only takes a few minutes to set up a PPC campaign with these services and you will start getting traffic immediately but remember your site needs to be good enough to convert this traffic into sales, so make sure that you are ready to receive the traffic.


For people to appreciate you, you need to build something so useful that you are able to hold onto whatever traffic you recieve. So first make your site so useful that those once visit you come back to you for more.
Remember behind every successful site there is some useful content.
So roll up your sleeves and start working, choose the best marketing technique that you find suitable for you and get the traffic flowing to you.

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