Some Google Adsense Tips and Tricks!

I’ve been on the trial of new ideas and methods to increase my own Google Adsense earnings.
As I did the research I came across some strange realizations about myself. Some of the simple and easy website amendments I’d forgotten to implement. This threw up a question mark over my own ability to remember. I laughed and realized that hopefully such foolish errors shouldn’t happen again
A few simple ideas that came to mind, that so often I had forgotten were these:

When constructing an Adsense web page, it is always best to start with the keyword or phrase that you’re
intending to use, for more details visit to www.googleatmcash.com and use it in 6 important places. Google
considers these six important areas when deciding which adsense ads to display upon your site.
With that in mind, we don’t want irrelevant adverts being used upon our websites do we? Otherwise nobody will click on them. What’s the likelihood of someone clicking on a ‘Property For Sale in Italy’ when they are
looking for a property in London? Here are those 6 important considerations that Google use…
Priority one – is to use the key word in the website page name ‘cum’ extension. Don’t use for example –
yourwebsite.com/page003.html – it should be – yourwebsite.com/your-key-word.html.
Priority two – is to use the word or word phrase in the html ‘title’ meta tags. That is . In Microsoft Front
Page every new web page built is initially given by default, a meta tag of – New Page 1. This needs to very
specifically your word or word phrase only.Whilst we are on meta tags I’ll mention ‘Priority 6′, albeit out of order. The key description has been abused in the past where people have been adding 200 keywords in the tag area. Just build a page specific to the key or phrase; and put the key alone within that tag : . Many search engine optimizers have argued whether this tag has much use anymore. I’m one to say, better safe than sorry.
Whilst still on meta tags it would also seem prudent to mention the word or phrase in the meta tag description. Whilst it will not add to your SEO or your adsense directly; indirectly it will. Here is an example – Such a description is what the search engines pick out to display in the listings. A good description including your key will attract people to click on your website link.
Priority three – heading tags. That is the h1, h2 etc … Avoid using a heading like this: Today’s Special
Offers. You would be better including the Google-Key within the title, like this: Today’s Best Deals on
Property in London.
Priority four – making your Google-Key bold. Your Google-Key or phrase density should be between 2 to 5%; any more than that and you may be accused of spamming your Google-Key. On a page with a 1,000 words, for more details visit to www.guardadsense.com I would say that making every keyword bold maybe too much. Just make the first two mentions of it bold, and then the very last mention bold.
Priority five – making you keywords either italic or underlined. Intermingled with the bold it is good to
italicize sometimes and underline another.
(Note: For readers… My density for the word ‘keyword’ was too high for this article, so I’ve used slight
variations. Proof if you ever needed it that too many mentions of one word or phrase could be considered as

I hope this journey I made was helpful to you too, something so obvious, but easily forgotten. It makes
tweaking your site worthwhile again.

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