Get accepted by adsense in a few hours!

I found out 2 ways to get accepted verry easy and quick..

The first way that I discovered myself is related to your youtube channel
If you having a youtube channel (I think everybody alreday have one) post some vids on it, you can choose
between making some by yourself or just steal some vids from other users.

When the vids are online and accepted again you can choose. You can wait till the vids are getting some views
(a bit hard with the tons of vids online) or you can use Youtube Automator.
Get yourself some vid and channel views and then use your youtube channel when subscribing to google adsense.

The second method is (I think) wellknown to you guys. Just open a blog with blogger, add some posts and
subscribe with this site.
Personally I use some funny newspaper articles in my own language and I translate them to English. This way
I’m already getting a decent amount of visitors and I’m earning about $10 a day now with Google Adsense.
These 2 methods will do the trick and you can get accepted by google Adsense in a few hours.

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